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Performance & scalability engineer

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Professional profile.

I am a very enthusiastic software engineer who is always learning new technologies and eager to develop cutting edge applications, I have been working for high technology companies, playing almost all roles in software process: from developer to software architect and project manager. In 2016 I received my master degree in computer science where I focused in parallel sorting algorithms and computer architecture.

I am experienced in Python and Django programming, but I am also proficient in other programming languages such as C++, R, Java, and Go. I am also well-versed in linux scripting, database and web optimization, low level programming, data structures and complex algorithms. I also have deployed and mantained complex software architectures using the Amazon AWS suite and SDK's.

I enjoy creating simple yet optimized software; from transfeing and rendering the HTML, indexing the database, even use processor and hardware counters. I like to use as many tools as needed to get the job done.

Work experience.

  • Data Whisperer
    CTO & Co-founder October 2016 - Present
    • Develop a technical strategy aligned with the company long-term vision
    • Support pre-sales and post-sales operations
    • Prioritize and oversee the product road map
    • Design, test and ensure availability of the Business Continuity Plan
    • Design and implementation high availability and low latency architectures and dataintensive applications
    • Design and implementation high performance web sites and RESTful web APIs
  • GMV
    Engineering Lead March 2014 - December 2016
    • Engineering team coordination: prioritization, allocation and control of activities and milestones
    • Enable and boost the communication and collaboration between the development team and many external stakeholders
    • Guide the hiring process and team expansion plan
  • Sm4rt Predicitive Systems
    Engineering Lead January 2012 - December 2013
    • Engineering team coordination: prioritization, allocation and control of activities and milestones
    • Measure, maintain and improve quality in the technological platforms
    • Oversee delivery, provide visibility of progress and performance of the multiple dimensions of the product
    • Analysis, design and documentation of the architecture of the systems and multiple algorithms produced by the research team
    • Analysis and revision of requirements made by clients and other stakeholders
    • Foster and grow a fun and friendly culture, ensuring excellent team collaboration
    Sr. Software Engineer June 2010 - January 2012
    • Design and implementation of ultra-low latency systems for bank transactions fraud scoring
    • Design and implementation of multiple machine learning algorithms for bank transactions fraud scoring
    • Design and implementation of a wide variety of internal services and tools
    • Database design, optimization and maintenance, either relational and non-relational
    • Evaluation and concept proof of multiple technologies and frameworks for new product development
  • Trans Union de México (Buró de Crédito)
    Jr. Software Engineer May 2007 - June 2010
    • Responsible of development and maintenance of credit risk managing solutions, focused on final consumer and credit grantors
    • Analysis and design of n-layer architecture of distinct systems developed internally and externally
    • Facilitate scrum ceremonies such as daily standups, sprint planning, backlog refinement, sprint reviews, and sprint retrospectives


Technicak skills.